It was founded on 19/06/2002 with the aim of serving the Turkish textile sector at world standards. We combine our knowledge with our aggressive and decisive decisions to fully meet the expectations of our customers.

We provide support with important international brands, customer oriented approach for women and men, upper and lower woven garment products. We offer our fabrics made of cotton, cotton lyc, satin, satin lyc, viskon, linen and their blends in colors, patterns and different finishing processes to match the expectations of our customers.

With the pride of gaining the trust of our customers, besides constantly renewing ourselves, we also carry out our AR-GE studies in a planned manner to meet the trends and demands of the day and present them to our customers.

Our production;

6.000m2 closed and 2.000m2 open area total 8.000m2 area, 130 pieces 2014-2015 and 2016 model 220cm end picanol OptimaX and 14 pieces 2017 model Picanol Optimax air weaving machines, fully automatic baling machine 2016 model warp and 2017 model sizing machine we have 18,000 wire warp drawers. We have a production capacity of 1,000,000 mt per month